DRC Review of Some Places More Than Others by Renée Watson

Disclaimer: I received a DRC through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Amara wants to go to Harlem. Her aunt, her cousins, and her grandpa all live there, but she’s all the way in Beaverton, Oregon, and she’s never even met them.

But her parents don’t think she belongs in New York. Amara, however, is relentless, and when her teacher introduces a “suitcase project” to learn more about who she is an individual by learning family stories, she begins to wear down her parents who agree to let her go with her dad to Harlem for her birthday.

Amara quickly discovers that her grandmother died the same day that Amara was born, and Amara’s father hasn’t talked with her grandpa since. She wants to unravel why this happened especially as her mom asks her to try to get them to make up.

Some Places More Than Others is another wonderful middle-grade novel from Renee Watson. The book takes a look at some of the Black history of Harlem and what it means to truly belong in a family where a person defies the expectations that others put on them. Middle grade readers will eat this up.


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