ARC Review of Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly deVos

I read this book as an ARC with no obligation to review it.

This book is told in a non-linear fashion before, during, and after Cookie loses weight.

Disclaimer: Cookie is fat at the beginning. Fat is not an insult, just a description and is how she does describe herself. However, she experienced several cruel words and insults thrown her way as well as some of the crueler aspects of being fat (like having to buy two plane tickets at the judgement of a person at the gate).

Cookie, however, does decide on her own that she wants to lose weight. She does. However, it is not treated as a miracle solution to any problem as she experiences the same internal conflicts as she does before losing weight.

I know that some in the body positivity movement will find fault with this book because some seem to demonize those that want to lose weight (and if you’re reading this and decide to judge based on my profile picture, I used to be fat so I’ve heard both sides). This book, however, makes it perfectly clear that it is Cookie’s choice and in fact, she has a friend who decides to stop trying to lose weight and just accept her body weight where it is.

The most important thing I think this book does is point out that fat is a body descriptor, not an internal descriptor. Weight does not hold the solutions to all your problems, and weight loss won’t fix your internal (and sometimes external) problems.

Definitely recommend for all people.