ARC Review of White Rabbit by Caleb Roehrig

Disclaimer: I won this ARC and was under no obligation to review it.

Roehrig’s novel White Rabbit once agains blends aspects of a thriller with aspects of a contemporary. This time, unlike in Last Seen Leaving, the thriller aspect wins out.

After Rufus gets a mysterious phone call from his half-sister April begging for help, he ends up on about a 12 hour long epic journey to find the person who actually killed April’s boyfriend while framing her. Of course, Rufus’s life has to be further complicated by the fact that his ex-boyfriend Sebastian comes along for the journey.

The contemporary aspect comes in with Sebastian’s story as he knows he is attracted to Rufus but is struggling with his sexuality. I ultimately liked that Roehrig never ended up putting a label on Sebastian. This contemporary aspect flows naturally out of Rufus and Sebastian being put into a very bizarre situation and works very well within the story.

Although I read a large amount of thrillers, I kept guessing until the end. At one point, I think I suspected every single character mentioned.

Roehrig avoids the sophomore slump with this second published novel. This came out in April so definitely check it out now!