Book Review of How to Disappear by Sharon Huss Roat

Oh my goodness.

First of all, this was a much different book than the one I was expecting. With the description including “she [Vicky] decides to invent a social life by Photoshopping herself into other people’s pictures,” I totally thought this was going to be a Catfished style story. I was completely wrong, but I absolutely loved what this story actually is.

While Vicky does Photoshop herself into other people’s pictures, her followers know that it’s not real. There is something, however, completely different about her account and the way that she approaches people that compels people to hit the follow button.

Vicky is a very anxious high school student. She is undiagnosed, and her mom is not very understanding of Vicky’s limitations. (Note: I only mention the undiagnosed part because in the context of the book, it means that she struggles all the more.)

Honestly, I saw so much of myself in Vicky. While my anxiety is not the same level as hers, I do have days where I’m too anxious to function properly. I too learned to ignore my name in high school because I was never the “Anna” that was being called to in the hallway or classroom.

I absolutely loved this book. It also challenges the notion of how you perceive people, especially when you base it on their social media fronts or what they put on as a mask daily.

I think this is a must read.